Bed is perfectly made, he's not in it. Babysitters of Reddit, what are your horror stories? I had worked for a family for a few years when the parents got divorced. The wife had been cooking pasta, and she took the pot off the stove to drain it, leaving behind a glowing red burner on the glass top range. He was not strong (or sober) enough himself to do the job alone. Babysitters having sex, children kept in a basement and a nanny who confessed to never holding the baby: Parents reveal their nightmare childminder horror stories 25 comments. I had to catch him. I am petrified of cows and I had stood on the cow book laying on the floor amongst all the other books that could have made a noise! Wife storms off to her room crying and slams and locks the door. Like the night I kept hearing a knock on the front door and my paranoia led me to believe that it was The Boogeyman, so I hid under the bed of the four-year-old that I was watching and fell asleep under the bed. We played in the living room with blocks and other stuff and then we decided to venture around the house, I kept him in my view. I spent a summer in high school caring for an 8-yr-old boy and his 4-yr-old little sister at their house. We all have our babysitting horror stories. I've been temping in London recently whilst I look for the right permanent, long-term Nanny position. Follow PhoenixGR Following PhoenixGR Unfollow PhoenixGR. So I did and then when I came out of the bathroom. The girls had a bunkbed and I had read them a story and turned the lights off and they fell asleep so I went back downstairs to watch tv and revise for an exam I had coming up. You never know when they could come in hand. Darkness and monsters and blood and so on. Oct 10, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Nanny. But I had to go pee. What's extra gross is the utter lack of shame being so blatant about the affair with a third party (you) and placing that person in such an awkard position. Then, another thud from the living room, louder this time. Discover (and save!) I was 12, my brother was 9, and my sister was 2. Child discovers GIANT dildo, and gives it to the basset hound thinking it's a chew toy. She kept her head down. Then they leave. Let's take a look at some bizarre love triangles and uncomfortable celeb nanny confessions. She was all cried over and there was a huge, red, hand-shaped welt on her cheek like she'd been slapped. Visual Novel. I grab him and bring him to the sink and start running his fingers under cold water. Nannying horror stories (15 Posts) Add message | Report. Husband immediately gets in his wife's face screaming at her that she's a fucking idiot for cooking on the front burners with small children around. I think people have wildly differing experiences. report. One day the boy said he wanted to show me a video of a baseball game he scored a home-run in the previous summer so while I prepared lunch, he popped a series of unlabeled tapes in their VCR trying to find the right one. If they ever mentioned it to their parents, nobody said a word to me, thank God, but I could never look at them after that without flashing back. And that's where the parent's frantically found me when they got home. last updated 2020-12-24 18:43:04. As high-definition security cameras become more ubiquitous, the stories they capture multiply. She was safe everything was fine my parents got home and she said goodbye then BAAAAM... She had fucked up the gears and when she went to drive home drove through the back of our garage (the part that doesn't open). Read hot and popular stories about diaperchange on Wattpad. I followed usual procedure which included giving them a snack and then cleaning their teeth and putting them to bed but not before reading them a story. TLDR: Kids found Mom and Dad's homemade porn vid. By the time we flopped her down on the bed it had bunched itself into a sparkly cumberbun that completley exposed both breasts up top and a very saucy thong below. After reading a reply in another askreddit thread from a babysitter, I was wondering what your horror stories are. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Leave a comment. Who TF tosses their personal sex tapes in a pile of family home videos and recorded cable movies??! She looks at the bed and turns away, and then pauses and looks back. I poke my head out the door and call, nope. I have been a nanny for most of my working life, and working with kids can give you some very, very weird experiences, but the absolutely weirdest shit was two years ago when the wife of a couple I worked for would come home around the time the baby normally napped, with her lover. I think they needed a therapist more than a Nanny. Well, this respondent didn't really deliver on a juicy secret -- but he sure did serve us up one bone-chilling, vivid image. I check the bathroom - nope. I was 15. In the era when most of us have 4k cameras in our pockets, they’re much more widely affordable. The first exciting cutsceen and … When me and my youngest sister were being babysat the babysitter took us out for a drive literally around the block because she was learning to drive stick. Her time with that babysitter has stayed with her throughout the years but she’s overcome the traumatic experience and is living as a healthy woman today. In example, this one girl finally spoke about her experience with this babysitter whose children were involved as well. My bosses would complain about each other to me. I'm stuck trying to deal with a screaming 9-year-old and a crying 2-year-old. Now everyone knows that little kids do not have tidy rooms. The dad thanked me, tipped me $100 on top of my regular pay, and sent me on my way. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. My sister wouldn't stop crying and my brother wouldn't stop screaming and swearing at me. They gave the whole "we never get to go out and do nice things because you can't behave" spiel to the both of us. The dad always greets me with a wink when I see him although I was never asked to sit for them again. Melody Grace - Horror Author. Short Horror Stories Nanny. He grabs a tub of salted butter out of the fridge and sticks the kid's fingers, which have already formed huge blisters, in it. If you don’t trust leaving your baby alone with a babysitter, you might want to install a nanny cam. No extra pay. Some babysitting stories are funny, and some of them are just plain wrong while the rest are too scary to share. Of course, his screaming wakes up my sister. She was first shown attending a high-class social event with her husband Jeffrey. A little awkward but more funny. Ortega, a naturalized US citizen for 10 years at the time, was originally from Santiago de los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic, and was 50 years old at the time she murdered the Krim children. 3.6K likes. Also don't pick at the blisters (it's obvious but I did that and now have a nasty scar that could've healed without one). Mom texted me by accident when it was meant for the dad at work. I did not turn the light on because I could find my way across the room by the faint glow from the nightlight. Now I can safely say I almost shit myself. It features some of the craziest and saddest nanny stories ever shared. Due you should've took the extra money, then quit. It was hella awkward. When they finally pulled into the driveway the dad came inside alone and asked for help carrying in his very intoxicated, passed out, dead-weight wife. Left there shortly after. Beware: your nightmares are my dreams. Unlike babysitters, who are often the target of a killer in a horror, the nanny is often portrayed as an insidious force. If that's not bad, wait 'till you read these. Everything's going fine until about 9:20. I call the number his parents left, no answer. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Hiring a nanny to look after your children is an exercise in finding not only a suitable candidate but also someone who can be trusted. Also, I was hired to take care of the oldest three. What the heck are they doi-". My brother throws the mother of all tantrums. I look around, hes not in the room. As I was making my way back across the room to return back downstairs I stood on something that emitted a loud 'MOOO' sound.