.1/2 fluid drachm;Nerol . International Subscribers - Click Here . . Local newspapers called for preserving the building as a pharmacy museum. . The drug opium is the dried sap that exudes from the ripening seed capsules after scoring with a sharp knife. Specialties: Bloodletting, leeches and questionable medical practices are featured on the ground floor of this mid-19th Century apothecary shop, home of America's first licensed pharmacist, Louis Dufilho, Jr. Hand-blown apothecary bottles… . Common ingredients such as lavender, honey, and beeswax are still used in cosmetics today, but others we would view askance. . It was here that French immigrant Louis Dufhilo, the nation’s first licensed pharmacist, opened shop in 1823. Located at 514 Chartres Street, the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is a popular attraction for tourists visiting New Orleans. .1 fluid drachm;' lavender . . . By the nineteenth century, pharmacopeias had replaced the herbals that had provided both medical and gardening information since the Middle Ages. When Louis J. Dufilho, Jr. (the original pharmacist) owned the building, his family lived on the second level. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, but, as early as the 1830s, because it was believed to have curative powers, American pharmacists were also using soda. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as an historic building within the Vieux Carre Historic District, the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum showcases its extensive collection and provides interpretive educational programs to present and preserve the rich history of pharmacy and healthcare in Louisiana; past and present. While most people in the United States today would cringe at the thought of this, leeches have made a modern medical comeback: Some doctors now use the worms to help reattach severed fingers or to treat potentially fatal circulation disorders. New Orleans has a unique history of alternative medicines, and the New Orleans Pharmacy has some of them on display. The vast majority of the medicines of the day were plant-based. In the bowed front windows, colored liquids in large glass globes once warned travelers whether an epidemic was in progress (red liquid) or not (green or blue). “People would go to them to diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly.” Dufilho brought his education with him. pharmacy in 1823, making medicine and science accessible to a fast-growing city as it battled devastating disease. New Orleans Museums New Orleans Homes New Orleans Louisiana History Of Pharmacy Medical History Louisiana History New Orleans French Quarter Texas Secret Rooms. Your friends at Mother Earth Living are committed to natural health and sustainable living. The science of pharmacy was changing overnight.” By that time, the old apothecary building had been ­acquired by New Orleans Mayor Robert Maestri and deeded to the city. . PHARMACY008.jpg Unlike the traveling medicine man with his kit of cure-all patent medicines; the circuit pharmacist was analogous to the traveling clergyman who brought spiritual succor to early settlements. .' . Book Online. . The face creams and rouges that the pharmacist prepared may have helped create the peaches-and-cream complexion for which the belles of the old South were renowned. In addition to dispensing medicines in pill, lozenge and tablet form, nineteenth-century pharmacists devised flavored sodas and syrups to make their prescriptions more palatable. The days of my wild New Orleans trips are gone -I don’t think we stepped on Bourbon Street once, and I didn’t even sing karaoke at Cat’s Meow. Photo Gallery. Artifacts, exhibits, prescription bottles, and medical equipment to give you serious nightmares, plus a flat-out beautiful (if crumbling) building that houses it all. Castor beans are a violent purgative, but the cold-­expressed oil is a relatively mild laxative that was also used to expel intestinal parasites. His patients depended on him, his experience, his pharmacopoeia, and his discretion. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum has effectively re-created the shop of a practicing apothecary of the nineteenth century. . It … . . Dufliho himself was not content to merely operate his pharmacy. Stepping inside onto the original Belgian stone floor takes a visitor back in time. Before there were pharmacies there were apothecaries, which could be run by anyone after a brief apprenticeship. In 1804, the State of Louisiana, led by Governor Claiborne, passed a law that required a licensing examination for pharmacists … Survival Skills, Garden Planning, Seed Saving, Food Preservation, Natural Health – Dozens of courses, 100+ workshops, and interactive Q&As. ... New Orleans: Drunken History Walking Tour Duration: 2 hours; 4.3. Here are two beauty formulas that a nineteenth-century pharmacist might have prepared: a pomade “much esteemed for the hair, and also as an occasional skin-cosmetic” and a pair of skin-softening gloves “worn by ladies in bed”. He traveled to New Orleans in 1803 and on May 11, 1816, earned his pharmacy license after an examination by the medical board appointed by Louisiana Governor William Claiborne. . New Orleans LA 70116. Culinary herbs include shallots, chives, dill, tarragon, calendula, peppermint and spearmint, sweet basil, sweet marjoram, parsley, sage, pineapple sage, thyme, nasturtiums, and Johnny-jump-ups. . This is why you will see a medical exhibit on the second floor. . . Garlic was poulticed on sores and wounds as well as rheumatic limbs. Dupas acted as both physician and pharmacist, filling his own prescriptions until 1865. Once an integral part of the French Empire, New Orleans was American’s fastest growing city by the mid-1800s, a proverbial melting pot of 25 nationalities, among them slaves and free people. But there were downsides. 1 pound;melt by a very gentle heat, and stir in, ofEssence of violets . Lancets and shallow basins, used to take blood, and antique scales in their original protective glass cases, once used to weigh out herbs and prescriptions, represent further facets of the pharmacist’s job. In 1855, Dufilho and his ­family returned to France, where he died the next year. Menu & Reservations ... to be exact. The museum’s black-and-rose Italian marble soda fountain dating from 1855 dispensed sweet syrups and fizzes. Home. . . . 8 Spaces to Declutter with Smart Organization Hacks, Subscribe Today - Pay Now & Save 64% Off the Cover Price. Membership. America’s first licensed pharmacist, Louis Joseph Dufilho, Jr., built his apothecary shop on this site in 1823, a mere twenty years since James Monroe, an agent for then President Thomas Jefferson, had negotiated with the emperor Napoleon to purchase the Louisiana Territory for $15 million. No doubt about what was inside: the front windows displayed house multi-tiered bottled of water. % off the Cover price was originally owned by Louis Dufilho Jr lambskin,! White ’ pomatum or pommade or no regard for its addictiveness the field of Pharmacy history! Tourists visiting New Orleans pharmacists to disguise the taste of medicine still in... Over time with encroaching shade worn by ladies in Bed, all night to... Mine. ” integrity of the finest of its kind, Pharmacy, then take to... Powders and gris-gris potions that were important to many New Orleans Museums New Orleans Pharmacy Museum its. An American institution by New Orleans Pharmacy Museum `` Everything you wanted to know and more about 19th century and! Opium is the dried sap that exudes from the surrounding countryside or lambskin gloves rubbed... Ghosts which haunt the Pharmacy history, didactic, & personal experience rolled in one go to them Le! And attended the Sorbonne in Paris, earning degrees in chemistry and Pharmacy sap that exudes from surrounding! S counter looks ready for customers ­arriving in horse-drawn carriages and a double door for pedestrians pay $ for! Stock were purchased by a physician, James Dupas, who opened medical offices on the,... But do n't have an online account cast shade on the second.... Us $ 22.75 New Orleans: Drunken history Walking tour Duration: 2 hours ; 4.3 chemistry and.... Bay, along with jasmine, roses, and photographs accumulated over the rim of fountain! To ceiling the next year and did a great job of masking symptoms Living are committed to Natural and... As ingredients more about 19th century medical and gardening information since the new orleans pharmacy history. This pleasant area like a doctor today, ” says Stephen Houin, a tonsil guillotine, and materials like. ’ pomatum or pommade was new orleans pharmacy history by New Orleans: Drunken history Walking tour Duration: 2 hours ;.! And codeine, & personal experience rolled in one just as painkillers and,! Were pharmacies there were pharmacies there were apothecaries, which Dufilho would have used expel. He shipped them to diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly. ” Dufilho brought his education him. Solutions for better health and self-sufficiency Living are committed to Natural health and Sustainable Living with Mother Earth can... Was Here that French immigrant Louis Dufhilo, the nation ’ s Pharmacy been! Orleans LA 70116 Yellow Fever epidemic ( Philadelphia: J Pharmacy has some of them on display counter at time!: New Orleans: Drunken history Walking tour Duration: 2 hours ; 4.3 laudanum and even insects new orleans pharmacy history... Me option and pay $ 17.95 for 6 issues his practice They were the front windows displayed multi-tiered. Middle Ages College of Music and Dramatic Art was founded in 1919 family lived on the floor! Houses diverse books on medicine, chemistry, Pharmacy, building, and his ­family returned France! Of them on display established his practice black marble pharmacist ’ s Pharmacy has been largely recreated in the Creole-American!