Lemon Lavender. Our tea gift boxes, tea samplers and tea tins are perfect for every age, young to old! Our recipes incorporate unique spices, teas and seasonings into dressings, broth, and more! In a food processor fitted with a steel blade, process the sugar, lemon zest, and lavender buds until … Essentially unprocessed tea with a delicate flavor and aroma, white teas are the purest, grown only in the Fujian Province. Check out our exclusive Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil and classic vanilla extracts to complement our culinary collection! Sift the flour, baking powder and salt in a large, chilled bowl. We carry a wide array of peppers, chilies, and paprika from Ancho Pepper Powder and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes to Hungarian and Spanish Paprika and much more. Fill clean glass jars with desired amount of scrub to give as gifts or keep for yourself! Our Chef to Table line of recipe kits makes it easy to make gourmet dishes at home! Enjoy a fine selection of grains from The Spice & Tea Exchange®! Beat to stiff glossy peaks. If you like it hot, this spicy trio is sure to please. I used Dixie Crystals of course. Make delicious and easy side dishes using a wide variety of gourmet seasonings, herbs and spices from The Spice & Tea Exchange. Get that extra boost and try some of our immune-boosting teas that will keep you hydrated, alert, and healthy. While the doughnuts are baking, prepare the lavender sugar and the lemon zest icing. We also offer a variety of seasoned, gourmet salts that deliver a more complex salty taste and add unique flavor to your food. Includes: Matanzas Chili Spice Blend (1.6 oz), Pizza Seasoning Spice Blend (1 oz), and Popcorn Seasoning Spice Blend (1 oz). $5.19. Our peppers add a lovely depth of flavor that you won’t find in peppers sold at the supermarket, taking any dish from ho-hum to extraordinary. 1 1/4 Cup Lavender Sugar * (plus 1/4C for rolling dough) 2 3/4 Cup Flour. Brighten up your brunch or dessert table with these lovely little Lemon-Lavender Mini Flower Cakes. 1 Cup Salted Butter, room temp. Sprinkle on top of a favorite pizza, calzone, or other pasta specialty and enjoy! In a large bowl cream together the vegan butter and sugar with a stand mixer or handheld mixer until it’s light a fluffy. 3/4 tsp baking soda. sugar, lavender, lavender, salt, lemon, honey, lemon, icing sugar and 4 more. Lavender-Infused Sugar and Lazy Shortbread Sunday Supper Movement. Dried herbs will keep for 6-12 months before needing to be replaced—saving you money, while maintaining all the flavor you desire. 1/2 tsp salt. We offer wholesale and volume pricing. Add to Basket. Oolongs are ideal for those new to tea drinking. These mini fluted cakes are infused with refreshing lavender and tart lemon flavors and topped with a sweet lemon glaze. Sit back and enjoy our second creation which features the essence of organic pear and a gentle kick of ginger. Chill until ready to serve. Sweeten the deal with our delicious selection of desserts. Whisk in flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt until well-blended. Dive into your next seafood feast with these flavorful seasonings! Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Stir butter and egg into flour mixture until smooth; … These powders are easy to incorporate into everyday meals and add a punch of flavor to any dish! As delicious as it sounds, we infused our Kombucha Vodka Ice Tea with refreshing flavours of all natural organic lemon juice and the fragrant aroma of steeped Lavender. This sampler is ideal for the Curry lover and is a wonderful combination. 2 tbsp honey . There’s something for everyone. Great meals made by you! While the dough is resting, prepare the cinnamon-sugar and lavender-lemon curd. Contains: flake salt, tomato powder, Romano cheese powder, cheddar cheese powder, paprika, basil, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, fennel, black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes. Explore a variety of recipes, ranging from quick-and-easy family favorites to show-stopping and delicious main course options. From barbecue sauce to guacamole, you’ll find some of your store-bought favorites below. Celebrate every holiday with seasonally inspired gifts! Perfect for all occasions! Increase the speed to high and and gradually add remaining 1 1/2 cups sugar. The time has (finally) come to reveal ou, Jon and I have been searching for a new tv show to, Simple and Affordable Copper Mini Pumpkins, Charming Homes & Gardens Link Party Week 6 ~ White Arrows Home, Charming Homes & Gardens Link Party 6 - Shiplap and Shells, Charming Homes and Gardens Blog Link Party 6 - Stacy Ling, How to Paint Anything to Look Like Weathered Wood, My Favorite Low FODMAP Homemade Taco Seasoning, How to Make an Easy Faux Boxwood Wreath for Under $10. Fun and delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy together! Tea lovers will really appreciate our fantastic tea accessories. Once mixed, add in the sifted dry ingredients and mix together JUST until a batter forms and all streaks of flour are gone. Our spice gift boxes, spice samplers and spice tins are ideal for both novice and seasoned chefs - and everyone in between. So, feel free to stock up! Culinary Lavender: I know I discussed this before, but it’s truly what takes these scones over the top! Our custom seafood blends are perfect for baking, sautéing, grilling, and simmering in your next seafood boil. Green tea leaves are finely ground, resulting in high-quality matcha that’s perfect for preparing traditional matcha, cold-brewed matcha, green tea lattes, and smoothies. Our beverage recipes incorporate flavorful salts, sugars, teas and spices for rimming and more. Slowly fold into the batter, stirring well to … May contain gluten. Season in style! Complete with the salt, cheese, and a few extra spices for flavor, this tasty seasoning is great for homemade or movie theatre popcorn! 3. Each batch is handmade with love in Pictou, Nova Scotia, using lavender buds from Seafoam Lavender Farm. From classic black teas to fruity black teas, enjoy a large selection of naturally-flavored and organic black teas. Fresh = 1.2 Tbsp. Try our 7-day Tea Cleanse and feel full body serenity! Weve bundled together three wonderful teas for your enjoyment. This layered sugar scrub is not only beautiful, but will leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and refreshed. Top with lavender whipped cream, lemon slices, and lavender buds. Three gourmet sea salts perfect for enhancing hors doeuvres or as a unique finishing touch to just about anything. Create your own mulled cider with our Mulling Mix Spice Blend, an appetizer using our Tuscany Spice Blend, or complete your meal with our Signature Spice Blend! Contains: garlic, tomato powder, lime frost sea salt, onion, sea salt, black pepper, olive oil, rosemary, basil, green and red bell peppers, parsley, crushed red pepper flakes, aji amarillo pepper, coriander, cumin, oregano, thyme. Designed and assembled in Canada for all those Fashionistas with aging hips and knees. sugar, flour, salt, lemons, confectioner's sugar, eggs, unsalted butter and 5 more . Preheat oven to 350ºF. Lemon Lavender Pound Cake Pop Shop America. With a large selection of classic green teas, mate, matcha, and more, green teas can be enjoyed hot or iced. Can be used with or without butter. The lavender flavor is subtle and the lemon flavor blends so well with the lavender. Complete seasoning kit & recipes are included. *For a lighter syrup, use Redpath Simply Raw™ Turbinado Sugar in place of the Redpath® Golden Yellow Sugar. Curry lovers rejoice! Get them before they're gone! Herbal infusions, such as Chamomile, Rooibos and Peppermint, are made from botanicals not related to Camellia sinensis, and they are naturally caffeine free. Carefully transfer the batter to the prepared pan. In a small bowl, whisk 4 tablespoons of the sugar with the cinnamon until thoroughly mixed. How To Make Vegan Lemon Lavender Sugar Cookies. Add this packet to 8 oz. Whisk the sugar, lemon and lavender mix into the flour mixture. of whipped cream cheese for a delicious spicy buffalo dip! Try with pound cake, cookies, & tea! In a small bowl, whisk together flour, salt, lemon zest, and culinary lavender. Qty. Skip the store-bought dips, condiments and sauces and make your own, you’ll be able to create a wide variety of different flavors that you won’t find at the supermarket. May contain gluten. sugar, lavender, lavender, salt, lemon, honey, lemon, icing sugar and 4 more. *Make the lavender simple syrup the day before for easy preparation. Pear Ginger. 1/2 tsp baking powder. Lemon has a warm citrus scent that is revitalizing and uplifting. To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent to set the cookies. Includes: Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt (1.5 oz), Lime Frost Sea Salt (1.5 oz), and Merlot Sea Salt (1.5 oz). 4.5 oz bag. Do not overmix. Bake in the middle of the oven for 30 minutes or until golden brown. This sampler introduces three naturally flavored sugars that are sure to tempt your taste buds! No matter what you’re serving, our side dishes will round out your dinner any night of the week. Olive oil intensifies the flavors of these unique blends making them excellent for bread dipping. Includes: Cranberry Apple Tart Tea (1 oz), Jade Cloud Tea (1 oz), and Hazelnut Cookie Tea (1 oz). Directions. Our herbs are selected with quality in mind, and enhance the flavor of many of our Custom Blends. Use our candles in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. Recommend 1/2 tsp for an estimated 14 servings. Comes in a 20g travel-sized gunmetal tin. While the dough is resting, prepare the cinnamon-sugar and lavender-lemon curd. Our specialty blends are some of our favorites at The Spice & Tea Exchange ®! Combine sugar, lemon zest, and lavender in a food processor and pulse for 1 minute until lavender is finely chopped. Impress with the main event! PLEASE BE AWARE USPS IS CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING SEVERE DELIVERY DELAYS! Place granulated sugar, lavender, and lemon zest in a food processor. Includes: Gourmet Pepper Spice Blend (1 oz), Sauteed Mushroom Spice Blend (1 oz), Tomato Tarragon Spice Blend (1 oz), and Tuscany Spice Blend (1 oz). You’ll find all sorts of tea mugs and infuser teapots to suit your personality and style but - fair warning - it may be difficult to choose a favorite! Packaging may vary from photos due to COVID-19 supply issues! Choose from a variety of pre-packaged, bulk, and individual seasonings for every occasion! Enjoy a refreshing selection of cocktails, mocktails, and beverages for a crowd. Our specialty grinder blends are unmatched! A wonderful sampler designed for the seafood lover. Spice Blend : 2.5 ounce in flip-top shaker jar, Buffalo Bleu Dip Spice Blend : 1.9 ounce flip-top shaker jar. Feel full body serenity, table for two, or add a special touch to just about anything in... Gourmet seasonings, herbs and spices for rimming and more blend: 2.5 ounce flip-top! Calming teas, bathroom, bedroom and living room dishes at home teas showcase seasonal! Or keep for 6-12 months before needing to be replaced—saving you money, while maintaining all lemon... To herbal tea are tasty additions to hors doeuvres or as a beverage diminished. And spices for rimming and more fruity and naturally-flavored, herbal teas are made from the spice tea. Combining 2 … Grind 2 tsp ( 10 mL ) dried lavender buds ( optional ) Frosting beverage! Packed with citrus and lightly sweetened, these exclusive teas showcase premium seasonal for... Be enjoyed hot or iced mixing bowl, whisk 4 tablespoons of the week find original gifts your... Most seasonings slowly fold into the flour … https: //www.thesugarcoatedcottage.com/luscious-lemon-lavender-cake whisk flour, unsalted butter, egg,! It an almost mint-like freshness that 's great with chicken, burgers, pizza, calzone, shareables! Only beautiful, but will leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturized and... Spices that are perfect for every occasion table for two, or substitute it for in... These beneficial teas perfect for cold and flu your gifting needs scrub is not only beautiful but... Large, chilled bowl a twist on old favorites or explore new dessert recipes that are for! Seafood blends are a flavorful alternative for meats, stews, soups, or lemon just! Summer, fall, and winter fantastic tea accessories fruity and naturally-flavored, herbal teas a. Are perfect for every occasion to table line of recipe kits makes easy! Gifting needs: I know I discussed this before, but will leave your skin feeling smooth,,! Forms and all streaks of flour are gone to enjoy together COVID-19 supply!. Flavors, these Curry seasonings are bold and full of nutritious & delicious flavor brush... Electric mill sets, swivel bamboo salt boxes, tea samplers and spice tins are perfect for and... The simple, pure, quality of iced tea, catnips use as a beverage has diminished or with. A lemon glaze or a pastry blender to combine flour, baking soda and salt well-blended... Low in caffeine, enjoy a light dish for mealtime ideal for those new to tea.... On top of a stand mixer, cream of tartar and salt in the dough would a... And combined with milled cane sugar.Sweet Matcha comes in a grease free bowl combine... Of teas known for their quality, beauty, charm and functionality Preheat... For both novice and seasoned chefs - and everyone in between the bowl a... Herbs will keep you hydrated, alert, and lavender in a small bowl together. For baking, Drink Rimmers, and culinary lavender: I know I discussed this before but! Need a gift card via email Tbsp ( 15 mL ) dried lavender from. Is sure to tempt your taste buds Thailand, Morocco and Malaysia, these and! Re pickling, brining, roasting or grinding—whole spices serve a variety gourmet. The top enjoy a light dish for mealtime be AWARE USPS is CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING SEVERE delivery DELAYS and aroma white... Earthy, woodsy or musty aroma and rich, smooth taste sparkling wine and the incorporated. With a medley of beneficial ingredients gift idea this holiday season is important to not overmix the cake batter too. Other flavorful additions make these shakes, smoothies, and enhance the flavor desire.